Client Software Features

One of the greatest assets of our poker client is the abundance of features it offers poker players. It has both the most popular poker features that any successful poker client application must have and also many unique features that make it truly innovative.

The Most Popular Poker Games in the World!

We offer all of the most popular poker games in our poker client. Players can select on which poker table to sit not only by game type, but also by game limit: no limit, fixed limit or pot limit, by stakes range: high, medium, low or micro, and certainly by currency type: real money or play money.

You can configure online poker tables with stakes as low as $0.01/$0.02 so that novice poker players can develop their strategy without risking too much money and in this way gradually move up to tables with higher stakes.

The poker games that we currently support are:
Texas Hold’emOmahaOmaha Hi/Low 7 Card Stud 7 Card Stud Hi/Low Telesina 32 Card Draw Poker 3 Card Poker
Thanks to the high level of adaptability of our poker platform and client, we can very quickly develop and implement a new poker game if required, for example a poker game, or a variation of a poker game, that is popular in a particular country or region. The most recent such regionally popular poker game that we developed for one of our customers, within less than a month, was Turkish Poker.

A Large Variety of Poker Tournaments!

Tournament poker is great for attracting new players and for converting play money players into real money players. We offer all of the most popular online poker tournament types and also many more:
Jackpot Tournaments Scheduled Tournaments Sit & Go Tournaments Late Registration Tournaments Re-Entry Tournaments Cage Tournaments Guaranteed Tournaments On Demand SNG Tournaments Cross Network Tournaments Satellites / Qualifiers Freerolls Rebuy / Add-On Tournaments Single-Table / Multi-Table Tournaments Bounty Knockout Tournaments Double or Nothing (DON) Tournaments Time-Based / Hand-Based TournamentsRematch Heads Up Tournaments Private Tournaments Restricted Tournaments Password Protected Tournaments Land-Based Tournaments SupportTime-Based / Chain-Based Tournament Templates

Outstanding Gaming Features!

We permanently keep our poker client up-to-date with the latest trends in the online gaming industry. In many ways we even lead the way with innovative and copyrighted features so that the players of our customers can enjoy a truly unique and unmatched gaming experience:

Effective Promotional Tools!

We offer both time-tested and new promotional tools to keep the enthusiasm of players for playing poker in our client applications constantly high and to inspire them to enjoy online poker increasingly more:
  • Jackpot Tournaments
  • Table and Tournament Rake Races
    with Progressive Jackpots
  • Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Tournament Registration from Slots
  • Promotional Currencies: Comp Points,
    Promo Bucks and Tourney Bucks
  • Bonuses and Coupons
  • Loyalty Programs
  • High Hand Promotion
  • Targeted Advertising
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