• About Us

    IGSoft has more than 15 years of experience as an independent online gaming software provider.

    During that time we have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and innovative online gaming software companies in
    the world.

    Thousands of players trust our software every day for a secure, unique and unmatched gaming experience.

    We always do our best to inspire the online gaming world through great quality products and constant innovation.

IGSoft Mission

IGSoft is an innovative and competitive software company focused on creating world-class gaming software products. We have achieved high recognition in the online gaming world as a reliable software provider thanks to our powerful and adaptable multiplayer online gaming platform.

Our mission is to develop and maintain the highest quality online gaming platform available in our sector of the gaming industry. We also strive to create other new and exciting online gaming products in order to provide yet more fun and fair, competitive and rewarding collective gaming experience to the players of
our customers.

Several companies have implemented our platform and have used it for over a decade now, proving that it is one of the most stable, reliable and successful gaming platforms in operation today.

We take special pride in its high level of adaptability, which enables us to customize it very quickly to fit any business model around the world. We offer practically any possible means of acquiring it - through software lease, software purchase and software license. This enables new entrepreneurs to enter the online gaming market very fast.

Our success is largely due to the efforts of our dedicated teams of creative and talented software engineers. They always manage to devise new ways to deliver exciting multiplayer gaming action to the thousands of loyal players of our customers.

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Corporate Values

We are all inspired by the same values at IGSoft. Sharing them has kept us focused and united and has
brought us lots of success over the years in the fascinating and dynamic world of online gaming.

  • EstablishmentThe company is established, initially as Dobrosoft, around a core group of experienced software engineers and gaming industry professionals.
  • Online Poker PlatformThe major product of the company is released - a powerful and adaptable multiplayer online poker platform.
  • First Office MoveThe company moves to a larger office for the first time, due to business expansion and staff increase.
  • First Major Business MilestoneWe reach a major business milestone of first 50 operators using our platform.
  • RebrandingDobrosoft is renamed to IGSoft and changes its logo to: Innovative Gaming Software Solutions
  • Kiosk PlatformIGSoft releases a kiosk platform and implements it in casinos throughout Mexico.
  • Second Major Business MilestoneIGSoft establishes business partnerships with two of the world's largest online poker networks.
  • Brand New Client SoftwareA brand new client application is released, with improved design and functionality. As a result, the business of some of our customers increases by 20%!
  • Second Office Move We move to a larger and more modern office for the second time, right next to Sofia's South Park.
  • Web Client SoftwareThe web client application, based on Flash, is released. With immediate effect, we establish a very successful business partnership with one of Asia's largest online poker networks.
  • ROWEIGSoft implements ROWE as official company policy, to provide an exclusive work environment for its employees.
  • ScrumThe move to Scrum is complete for the entire company. Now we are ready to deliver great quality products in much less time.

Management Team

IGSoft is a globally recognized name for top software quality thanks to the years of hard work and dedication of our Management Team.
Vinko DobrosevicCompany Founder Ivo PerinovVice President of Operations Want to join our team? We are always looking for motivated and talented software developers and QA engineers. If you have a strong passion for the software industry, please do not hesitate to Review Our Career Opportunities
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