Poker Networks

The following poker networks use our online poker platform for running and managing their online gaming business:
www.winningpokernetwork.comWINNING POKER NETWORK (WPN) is one of the top ten poker networks in the world.

We have forged a strong partnership with them, built on mutual trust, respect and success.

We are proud to have played a key role in their tremendous growth lately and that together we have brought many amazing innovations to the world of online poker!
www.betcoin.agBetcoin is the world's premier poker network focused on bitcoin and litecoin poker.

They have been using our online poker platform since 2013, being able in this way to provide their players with the most advanced and user-friendly client application for bitcoin and litecoin gaming.

Betcoin has been part of WTN
since 2014.
full10poker.netFull10Poker is one of the most successful poker networks
in Argentina.

They have been with us since 2014 and are also part of WTN.

We have developed many special features for them and continue to do our best to support them in their undertaking to provide first-class online poker entertainment to the Latin American gaming markets.
www.duckpoker.comDuckPoker is a young poker network whose management have great plans for the future.

To assist them in generating the critical mass of players that is required for running a successful online poker business, we have included them in WTN.

In this way their players now have access to a large choice of cross network tables and tournaments.
In addition, we offer an outstanding advantage to the poker networks using our software that enables them to unite into one massive and global poker network: Winning Tournament Network (WTN). In it, the players of one poker network can play on tables (cross network tables) and in tournaments (cross network tournaments) hosted by another poker network. This increases considerably the number of players on those tables and in those tournaments and in this way also increases the cash amounts that the participating players can win! WTN and cross network tables and tournaments have been a huge success, making online poker much more attractive to players and boosting the revenue of each participating poker

Create and Run Your Own Poker Network!

We offer you a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create and run your own poker network, using our feature-rich and high-performance online
poker platform.

By obtaining our software, you will gain access to the following two major revenue streams:

  1. You can create and manage as many of your own poker rooms as you wish and you can generate revenue from the players who sign up and play online poker in them, on your poker tables and in your poker tournaments.
  2. You can bring other operators to your poker network, licensing them, per your own terms, either as associates (white label holders) or as franchisees, and charging them accordingly for the provided services.

Our obligations as poker network software provider are:

  • To install the online poker platform on your servers.
  • To customize our software for you and your operators in accordance with your and their preferences and requirements.
  • To provide you with ongoing software maintenance and technical support.
  • To provide you with ongoing scheduled software upgrades.
  • To provide you with initial training on how to use our software.

As poker network owner, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Depending on your jurisdiction, you may have to obtain a gaming license.
  • To purchase the required hardware and to have it installed and hosted in an approved gaming jurisdiction. The cost of the hardware varies depending on the size of the poker network that you plan to build. You may purchase additional hardware later on if you wish to reduce the startup costs. Our software can also be hosted in a cloud environment, so you could save considerably from hardware costs if you choose this option.
  • To build and maintain a poker network management team and the accompanying support infrastructure. This may involve hiring additional managerial staff, technical and customer support and collusion and fraud experts, attending to the hosting and bandwidth quality, organizing poker network promotions, managing the liabilities among poker network parties, and any other aspect of poker network management.

By becoming a poker network owner you will have full control over your poker network and you will be in a position to guide your online poker business in the direction that you consider most profitable. The business growth opportunities for poker network owners are endless - you can run any number of your own poker rooms and you can bring any number of additional operators, associates and franchisees, and receive monthly royalties from them for the provided poker network services.

As poker network owner you will have our full support, in every aspect of your business.

To receive more information about how to start your own poker network using our platform, please fill in and send us our contact form. The other two options that we offer for starting an online poker business are as associate and as franchisee.
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